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Let’s be honest about divorce. It sucks.
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Success Stories

Stephanie Greene

I most definitely recommend DeAnn Salcido. DeAnn’s strategy, expertise and compassion was vital in the successful outcome of my case. Thank you DeAnn!

Colleen Walsh

I have known DeAnn for 10 years. She has been my “mojo” coach. She nicknamed me Baby Blue Eyes and helped get me back on the dating scene and have confidence. Life is really good now. She is fabulous. 

Carolina Ross

Your evolution has helped lead me into places I never thought I could go. Your perseverance and talents are so diverse. And I love you and respect you.

About DeAnn

Hi there. I am DeAnn Salcido and I want to help you navigate ALL phases of divorce and be happy and in control of your life after the divorce. As a former divorce judge and divorce attorney, I presided over more than thousands of cases, so I know the inner workings (and the flaws) in the divorce court system. I’m also a 2.5-time divorcée and a mother, so I understand the anxiety, frustration, and pain that comes with divorce. I experienced it all in my own dysfunctional relationships, but I rose above it and came out stronger than ever… and I’m proud to help so many other women like you do the same.

When you work with me, you get access to my unmatched experience, secret strategies, and signature tough-love support. This is your chance to become a part of something bigger and join a select group strong, smart, bold, confident, and happy women who refuse to be defined by a naked ring finger.

The Blog


    My family can be tough. I used to hate it but now I understand how it has shaped my sassy, “can do” attitude that gets me through anything. For example, my family used to love to tease me about the fact that I have been married “2.5” times (Don’t ask; Don’t tell). I used to...
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  • Creating Bad-Ass Confidence

    No one believes me when I tell them that I used to be shy or feel unworthy of love. I can practically read their minds asking themselves how it’s possible that me, the badass trial bitch who fights to empower others, used to be shy? No Way!Well it’s true. And the crazy part is this:The confidence...
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  • A Letter to His Mistress

    You know I can’t even remember the exact year it was; that’s how far I have come from that 2 a.m. phone call telling me my husband was being taken to an emergency room. The paramedic said he had been in a motorcycle accident and then hung up without even telling me which hospital he...
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